1/ How fit do I need to be?

A. The cycle section is on undulating roads with no notable hills. The run section is situated on the valley floor. Anyone with an average fitness will be able to complete the event.

2/ My family are coming to watch me participate. Are there designated viewing areas and is there anything for them to do while I am competing?

A. The event is designed so that spectators can see participants when they start on their bikes, when they cycle past and the finish all from the one location, The Highland Folk Museum. Family members can also watch competitors anywhere on the cycle section as long as their positioning is safe for both competitors and other road users.

As the start/finish is within the grounds of The Highland Folk Museum, spectators can choose to visit the museum – Britain’s first open air living museum showing how Highland people lived from as early as the 1700’s. Facilities include toilets, refreshments, sweet shop and children’s play area.

3/ What do I get for my entrance fee?

A. All entrants who finish the event will get a technical t-shirt, medal and goody bag. The fee also includes a hot meal and a drink for all competitors displaying a medal.

4/ Do I need to take my own provisions?

A. Competitors are encouraged to carry any food that they feel that they will require. There will be water stations at Ralia, the transition and at the bothy (halfway through the run).

5/ What type of bike is suitable?

A. The event is run on class B and C roads along with a section on public cycle path. It is up to you, as long as the bike has suitable tyres it is up to the competitor’s discretion which type of bike they feel confident on. We would recommend a road bike rather than a mountain bike however.

6/ I’m not from the area. What if I get lost?

A. The event will have marshals located throughout the course and the event will be fully signposted.

7/ Registration?

A. Registration for the event will take place on the evening of Saturday the 8th July 2017 from 18:00 – 19:00hrs and on Sunday the 9th July from 08:15 – 09:00hrs, at the Highland Folk Museum, Newtonmore. There will be a limited number of places available for on the day entry for new entrants but they will be on a strictly first come, first served basis and at the organiser’s discretion.

8/ Is it a mass start?

A. Yes. We would encourage those who perceive themselves having a slower finishing time to start at the back of the pack. Race start is 09:30 at the Highland Folk Museum, Sunday 9th July.

9/ Do I have to raise sponsorship?

A. No. By entering you are already contributing to the “When you Wish Upon a Star” charity. The event is supporting the charity but if you want to raise sponsorship we will supply the forms, all we ask is to make us aware if you intend to raise money.

10/ Transition?

At registration, competitors will be given a number for their person, bike and own personal bag. The bag should contain everything that you think you require at the transition (food running shoes etc) Having attached your number to your bag it will be left at registration for the organisers to ferry to the transition point.

Similarly once competitors enter transition they can use the bag to store their cycling shoes etc and the bag and bike will be transported back to a secure area at the finish.

11/ Can I choose my t-shirt size prior to the event?

A. Yes. Competitors will receive an e-mail which will require competitors to reply stating their t-shirt size. T-shirts will be presented at registration.

12/ I am travelling to the event. Where can I stay?

A. There are numerous hotels and B&B’s located within Newtonmore and Kingussie, with a camp site situated in Newtonmore. Details can be found at www.newtonmore.com

Frequently Asked Questions